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Being Future-focused

Wanting something is one thing. Seeing yourself having it, feeling what it might feel like to have it is another. Even further, feeling what it might feel like to already be the person you'll become in achieving it is an entirely different thing altogether. Seeing you as your best self, feeling what that person might feel, seeing what that person might see is called being future-focused.

To become more future-focused, paint a feeling-laced picture in your heart, mind, and body of the you you long to be. This will require significant work. It will require you to throw out the failures of the past, to forgive yourself of the many times you let yourself down, and to let yourself begin to feel what true freedom might feel like. The path to genuine freedom is called self-discipline. See yourself as a person of impeccable, unstoppable discipline, as a one-percenter, as one who does what 99% of the world's population is unwilling to do. In my heart, I have a future-focused mantra I speak over myself. It is the picture I've painted of me as my best self. And it reads like this:

I am...uncommon amongst uncommon people.

I am...unorthodox amongst unorthodox people.

I am...unreasonable amongst unreasonable people.

I war with myself (with those parts of me that crave comfort over achievement, softness over diligent, intelligent effort).

I am...a one-percenter. In fact, I am a one-percenter amongst the world's one-percenters.

I move in ordinary ways extraordinarily well; do so often; and so so prayerfully, mindfully, humbly, joyfully, and thankfully, with uplifted head and shoulders, effortless fluidity, and cat-like grace, suppleness, and agility.

Chose your canvas, and paint your best self, and then share it with those around you. Many people say they want to change the world. Well, that's all well and good, but why not start with yourself? Change who YOU are (become your best self) , and then inspire those around you to change who they are. That's how true and lasting change occurs.

Peace to you, friends...


The Life You Were Born to Live

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