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A Warrior

A warrior practices everything.

He (or she) relinquishes his pride; he lays down his efforts to orchestrate his life; he cleans up his habits; he lets go of attachments; he becomes increasingly mindful of his emotional states and of his connection to all things; and he takes responsibility for his thoughts, feelings, and actions (and nothing more than that).

A warrior allows life to express itself through him in whatever forms it might take. He uses his mind and his body in ways few people have the courage to. He meditates in every action. He neither seeks nor runs from pain or adversity; when it comes, he embraces it and uses it to purify his soul.

A warrior keeps death and his life's purposes in the forefront of his mind. He's genuine, authentically present, and life, God, and those around him.

A warrior is infinitely happy, he's at peace with himself, he's frugal—yet exceptionally generous, he's a gentle and approachable soul—yet extremely dangerous.

A warrior enjoys the simple pleasures of his own company as well as that of others; he smiles at death, he laughs at himself, and he does what he loves.

Above all else, a warrior is a beloved son and friend of the Most High God. He’s also a slave—a humble slave—devoted not just to a great cause, but to all humanity, to God, and, at times, even to himself.

A warrior fights for what he believes in and, when required, lays his life down gladly in the defense of those beliefs.


The Life You Were Born to Live

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