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If You're Having a Bad Day, Don't Quit

All of us have difficult days. Days where we're just not doing so well. Perhaps we're not feeling well or, attitude-wise, we're just feeling off.

When such days/moments occur, look for what's going well (or for what's not yet turned to dust) and focus on that.

  • If your jump shot's off, work on your defense.

  • If you're having difficulty with complex thinking, return phone calls or emails. Or better yet, go for a walk and dream of the future.

  • If you're having a frizzy-hair day, floss your teeth, rinse with mouthwash, and then bruch for at least two minutes.

  • If you're stressed-out over bills, give to a charity you feel good about.

  • If your prayer life feels stale, read one verse out of Psalms and just sit with it for a while.

  • If you didn't get to the gym today, strip your bed, get out some clean sheets, and then make up your bed (and do it really, really well). Make it look like a showroom display. Or pull in the corners so tight you can bounce a quarter off the surface. (Even if it's just five minutes before you want to go to bed.)

In the midst of difficulty, find something worthwhile, grind it out, and do it really, really well. Don't quit on your day. Find something good to do, do it, and do it well.


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