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You Will Not Outwork Me

"You will NOT outwork me.”

This is what I tell myself when I’m around others who are training and pushing themselves. It’s not meant to stifle others; it’s meant to push me to work harder than everyone around me.

It means, if I’m meeting someone at 7am to train, I’m there at 6am warming up. It means while others are sleeping, I’m up long before the sun working on my game. I’m stretching, moving through a wide range of PT-like exercises, reviewing my meditations, and throwing strike reps. It means when others do three sets, I do five. It means when those around me run a mile, I run two. And when others do ten pull-ups, I do 100. It means when others are gorging on pizza and beer, I’m drinking lemon water and gorging on broccoli sprouts. When other are watching TV, I’m working crossword and sudoku puzzles and reviewing my memorized meditations.

You. Will. Not. Outwork. Me.



The Life You Were Born to Live

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