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The Fruit of the Spirit is Love...

Lovingkindness is tough; it’s neither flattering nor obsequious.

Lovingkindness speaks the truth and does so always for the benefit of the beloved. To lovingkindness, EVERYONE is beloved!

Lovingkindness wills the highest good possible for others: Divine union with God Almighty, life-giving intimacy with God’s people, Divine health and energy, multiplied time, unlimited resources, and the satisfied generativeness that comes from living in to the sovereign plans and purposes of God.

Lovingkindness never does for another that which that one can (and, most certainly, should) do for himself (or herself).

Lovingkindness is deferential, but in a meek (strength channeled lovingly) kind of way; it never lets another walk all over him.

Lovingkindness knows everyone is sinful and, as such, is forgiving of everyone for everything. In fact, lovingkindness chooses to forgive others long before they act. This is how lovingkindness produces a slowness to anger, for lovingkindness is not easily offended.

Lovingkindness is gracious and does whatever it can to make others feel preciously loved and welcomed—even if it's at 3:30 in the morning.

Lovingkindness dedicates itself to seeking and finding the best life possible, the best work possible, and the best services (it can offer God and others) possible.

In the Scriptures we read, God is Lovingkindness (see 1 Jn 4:7). Through the Spirit, God is working to make you just like Him. He’s working not just to enable you to love but to become lovingkindness itself—just like Lovingkindness Himself!


The Life You Were Born to Live

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