Romans 8:36 Meditation

Text (Ro 8:36, NIV):

"As it is written: 'For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.''

Amplified Rendering:

As it stands, and just as it's written for all eternity in the Psalms(1), on account of you and for your temporal and eternal benefit, we risk our lives each day, every day, from sunrise to sunset. Being the docile, self-emptying sheep we are, we've been branded as ready for sacrifice. Will we be emptied out today or tomorrow? This we don't know, but we know it's coming, and we're ready for when it does. For that we rejoice, for we know the glory it will bring God and the benefit it will bring you.

Consecrated Prayer:

Holy Father…

May everything that happens to me be ordered by You for Your glory, my benefit, the benefit of Your kingdom, and the benefit of those around me.

I love You, Lord. I love You very much. I welcome it; I welcome it all. I accept it: I accept it all.

In the Name of Jesus, I declare and pray these these things...



  1. See Ps 44:22.


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