Can You Handle the Truth?

Can you handle the truth?

When I asked myself that very question recently, this is what I heard: “Yes and no. Sometimes, it’s yes; most of the time, it’s no.”

As I continued to listen, this is what I heard from Jesus as He spoke gently into my heart:


I hear you when you ask Me the truth about things. While I will always tell you or show you the truth, there are many truths you’re not yet ready to handle. Before you ask Me to tell you the truth about anything, ask Me first to help you be ready (1) To receive it (intelligently) and (2) To respond to it (also intelligently).

Knowing the truth about something is one thing; being able to handle it well—that is, hear it (as it REALLY is) and respond to it appropriately by letting it change you and enable you to live, breathe, and move in a manner that’s different and better (stronger, wiser, more integrated, and more loving and compassionate) than you did just prior to receiving it—is another thing altogether.

I AM the Truth, Dave. I AM Divine, Everlasting Truth, and I Am infinite. As you press in to know Me more intimately, you will be changed by the Truth that is Me. Without Me, you can neither hear nor respond to truth properly. Truth without Me can be your undoing, and I want to protect you from that, as that particular brand of undoing is NOT what I have for you.

Look to Me for truth because I AM the only One who can deliver it to you in a way that’s generatively destructive (so as to tear down falseness without tearing you down) and generatively constructive (so as to build you up without puffing you up).



I open myself up to You.

Speak into my heart what I need to hear; show me what I need to see. Teach me, and train me—even while I sleep.

Without You, my perspectives on things will never be right; similarly, without You, my responses to things will also never be right. Help me to be able to hear and see things properly and to do so in their proper times, contexts, and textures. I want to hear and see things more the way You hear and see them. Build in me, Lord, the ability to live and move with more of Your perspective on things. And, of course, enable me to respond to things as you would have me to—even if (and when!) it gets me into trouble.

In Your Name, Jesus, I ask all these things…



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