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Natural/Animal Movement Categories

Provided below are several natural/animal categories, which I've used to identify certain categories of human locomotion. I am currently undergoing a bit of a physical renaissance. Old things are bing torn down, and new things are bing created.

Mt Fuji: Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, etc. [Green Zone].

The Toddler: Yoga, Walking (Prancing), Slow-walking, and Quadrupedal Movement [Green, Yellow, and Orange Zones].

The Sloth: Yoga, Slow-walking, Lying Down/Resting/Recovering [Green Zone].

The Orangutan: Yoga, Rolling, and Quadrupedal Movement [White and Green Zones].

The Monkey: Rolling, Quadrupedal Movement, Climbing, Hanging, and Swinging [Yellow and orange Zones].

The Loyal, Fetching, Joyfully Ebullient Golden Retriever: Yoga, Walking (Prancing), Middle-Distance Slow-running, Quadrupedal Movement [Green, Yellow, and Orange Zones].

The Zig-Zagging Jack Rabbit: Sprinting [Red Zone].

The Stalking, Crouching, Pouncing Supple Leopard: Yoga, Slow-walking, Spaghetti Man, Martial Arts Practice, and Quadrupedal Movement [Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Zones].

The Coiling Cobra: Yoga, Spaghetti Man, and Martial Arts Practice [Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red Zones].


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