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You Are Loved!

God loves you. Do you know that?

God loves you not because you’re a good or well-behaved person but because He’s so prodigally extravagant and inexpressively good that He cannot help but love you. At the risk of sounding blasphemous (and I pray you see the spirit behind what I’m about to write), I believe God loves you so much, and I believe He’s driven so much by the desire to give Himself away to you, that, where you and His desires for you are concerned, He almost doesn’t quite know what to do with Himself.

Have you ever felt that way about someone? Perhaps for your husband or wife? Or a newborn child?

That’s what God’s love for you stirs within His own Heart! You are that dear to Him, friends. That valuable to Him. That loved by Him. YOU... move the Heart of God Almighty!

Let me write that again: YOU... move the Heart of God Almighty, the Master of Forces, the God of Angel Armies!

Sit with that thought for a moment... maybe even all day today! Or even all week!

The Father of Jesus—our Father—is Love. He is, in fact, The Source of All Love.

God acts; He never reacts. God initiates love, but He waits patiently (like a Gentleman) for your consent. The Godhead—God the Father (the First Person of the Trinity), God the Son (Jesus, the Second Person of the Trinity), and God the Holy Spirit (the Third Person of the Trinity)—is, as His Word and Namesake declare, “Disinterested Lovingkindness.” By that I mean, God is Selfless Love and Perfect Everything. He is Love without self-centered motive, Love without need, Love without hidden agenda.

God’s love for you is indeed truly genuine, overarchingly selfless, infusingly transformative, and eternally given. Long before you ever think of asking God for what you want or need, He’s already given it to you by already giving you Himself. That’s the way God is. That’s how the economy of His love operates in creation and especially in the human soul—including yours!

You, my dear friend, are so very precious and pleasing to God. I urge you: Let God love you the way He wants, surrender to Him, and allow yourself to just fall back into His loving Arms. I guarantee You’ll never be the same. I write of this from personal experience.

Pray with me, will you?

Gracious God: You are my Lover, and I am Your Beloved. Enable me to rest in those truths right now.

O Abba, O Happy, Daddy-God: I am Yours, and You are mine, and we will live that way forever!

Jesus, Master of the Universe: As You are, so am I. As You are, so shall I be—both now and forevermore!

Holy Spirit, Advocate and Comforter: Comfort me in this moment with the warm and beautiful Light of Your love and happy Countenance.

Blessed Trinity: I just want to sit here with You and not do anything except let You love me. Help me, O my Divine Lover, to see me and those I love and care about the way You do.



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