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Dear friend...


Welcome to Temple Martial Arts Training and to Jiin Senshi Do, "The Way of the Temple Warrior."  My name is Dave Brown.  I'm 53-years old; I'm an apprentice of Jesus Christ; and I'm the founder of Jiin Senshi Do, a martial arts-based, contemplative Christian order.  Temple Martial Arts Training is the principal online hub and venue through which I choose to spread my art.

My practice of martial arts and my faith in Christ have been a part of my life for almost 40 years.  The two are now so interwoven, it's become difficult for me to distinguish between the two.


I grew up (perhaps like some of you) dealing with bullies in my life.  I was a small kid, and, for some reason, my size and personality just seemed to invite those looking for a reason to hurt someone to come after me.  At the time, I didn't realize it was probably because they felt so badly about themselves and thought hurting someone else would help them feel better.  (From personal experience, I know hurting another person intentionally never helps you feel better.)  At the time, all I knew is I'd become a target, and I wanted it to stop.

My martial arts career aside, I've probably been in well over forty real fights in my life.  Many occurred when I was younger; and more than just a few when I was in junior high, high school, and college.  I've never forgotten (or really gotten over) any of them.  Most involved an altercation with just one individual; several (maybe three or four) involved situations where I had to deal with two or more "threats" at the same time.


When I discovered martial arts as a boy, my world began to change.  Through my training, I discovered I didn't need to be afraid of people or situations any more.  In fact, my earliest motivations for training were this:  "I'm going train so hard that one day I'll no longer be afraid of anything or anyone."  I can remember voicing things like, "Whomever you are [speaking into the air to those who might want to have their way with me], know this:  One day, you'll no longer have the kind of power you do over me now.  One way or another, I'll make sure of it."  Some may criticize me for making such vows.  And that's okay.  Right or wrong, such vocalizations (and the training it inspired) became the stepping stones to that which I really wanted:  The absence of fear in my heart.


In 1982, at the age of 16, I gave my heart to Christ.  And once again, my world began to change.  I discovered that not only did I no longer need to be afraid of anyone, but I could learn to love and forgive those who'd tried to harm me in the past.  I discovered, too, how I could blend my faith with my martial arts practice and begin to forge myself into a more courageous, gentle, and selfless person.  And now, almost four decades later, I'm still training, still learning, still praying, still worshipping my Creator, and still growing in bravery and gentleness, and in my ability to embrace people in friendship from all walks of life.


I believe in many things.  Chief among them, that transformation (or self-transcendence) is available to each of us through faith in Christ and though significant inner and outer work.  While we all want many things, one I believe tops many lists (of course, below the desire for Divine Union with Almighty God!) is the elimination of fear. Fear (or chronic, low-level anxiety) is the black plague of our day; and it's killing us by the millions.  How many of us long to rid ourselves of such an enslaving condition of heart and mind?  To be done with fear that we might be truly free to pursue our dreams, live peacefully, and empty ourselves into those we love and care about most?


Where are you in all this?  Do you, like most of us, want to end fear in your life?  And, if so, to what lengths are you willing to go to get what you want?

If you're willing (and if you'll allow me), I'd like to come alongside you to help you get more of what you want.  Be advised, though: Training with me is tough.  It will cost you (this guarantee!).  Not so much monetarily, but emotionally, spiritually, and, of course, physically.  Eliminating fear is a lot like trying to drive a bear out of a cave.  It won't leave voluntarily, and the fight it puts up will take you to your limits.  (Are you sold on this yet? :o) )


The life I lead (and the life I want to help you begin to lead) can be difficult.  It can be difficult, too, for others to understand.  To this day, many around me still don't understand why I do the things I do or why I live the way I live.  And that's okay.  I've been experiencing such questions and judgments for a very long time.  My responses now are as they were many years ago:  "The life I lead is not lived to please anyone but me and my heavenly Father."  While my way of life may not be for everyone, it is for me.  And it may be for you, too—only improvised to fit who you are and your unique circumstances, contexts, hopes, dreams, life-purposes, and ultimate destiny.


Every day, I pursue the evolution of my being.  I do this by training at my limits—not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  And I pay the price:  Every moment, of every day, with no days off.


I'm so very grateful for everything that's ever happened to me.  All of it has worked for good and has helped me become more of who I am already.  The result?  I live without fear (chronic anxiety), and I'm happy—pretty much all the time.


What about you?  Do you desire to feel similarly?  To discover and learn to live-out the best version of yourself?  If so, let's partner together and begin today to create "the you" you long to be...from the inside out, and from the outside in.  Let’s train together and, as new friends, pursue the end of fear and the beginning of self-transcendence.

Grace and peace to you...


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